It’s time to put a common misconception to rest: “isn’t WordPress merely a blogging platform?” While this used to be the case, according to an article by Tech Crunch, approximately 22% of newly published websites are built on WordPress. What’s more impressive, one of the most popular publishers is using WordPress as their platform.

Here are 7 things you should know about WordPress:

  1. WordPress provides dynamic page generation. Which means no more reconstructing all your pages every time you update your website! Updating your site’s content and design is quick and simple, and the required server storage space usage is nominal.
  2. You can get a subdomain for free! If you register with WordPress to get a free site, it is simple to name your free subdomain like this:
  3. If you have your own domain and hosting account, WordPress can be installed in minutes (WordPress calls it their ‘famous 5-minute install’).  No coding skills needed.
  4. Are there minimum requirements? Yes, if you are hosting your own website outside of WordPress, there are a few requirements to consider. To obtain the appropriate support down the road, you will have to ensure you have the correct MySQL and PHP versions on your server.
  5. To make your site look good, there is an wide-ranging selection of templates, called “themes”, available on the internet. Some are free, while others are not. Regardless, using these you can easily and quickly customize your site to your liking.
  6. WordPress has centralized management. Making managing your pages, posts, as well as your users easy with WordPress.
  7. WordPress has many plugins developed by users that make e-commerce simple. You can promote, review, as well as sell products by using these with no need to look for additional add-ons.