What You Need to Know About Wireless Security

The businesses that are all around you. By now you know which ones have free WIFI, which ones have password-protected access to their system, and which haven’t secured their systems at all. After all, their networks show up on your tablet or smartphone when it searches for a WIFI signal.

Maybe you take pride in the fact that you chose a password for your business’ WIFI that is difficult – or even impossible – to guess. Hey, that’s a great start, but a password is only the beginning.

Outsource My IT serves small to mid-size businesses by ensuring that the wireless access to their network is secure against hackers and unwanted cyber-prowlers. We do this as a part of our broader, full-spectrum Managed Services Offering.

So, what do you need to know about wireless security?

  • Yes, you need to have password-protected access to your WIFI.
  • Encryption is an important tool against tampering and cyber crime.
  • A professional can tell you whether someone can get access to a wireless port/source that isn’t encrypted.
  • If your business has “guest WIFI access” – and it’s a good idea – that access HAS to be through a separate network with set permissions.
  • Routers can be vulnerable points of access.

All of these issues can be addressed by the wireless implementation professionals of Outsource My IT. We can even improve your productivity with WIFI by setting up a secure file sync application, so your internal network can provide files and information to the external network, but the guests on the external network can’t access anything on the internal network.

Would you like to talk to one of our WIFI specialists about ensuring that you have a wireless system that is secure but still accessible to your guests and flexible for your employees? We can help! Contact us today at (973) 638-2722 or contactus@outsourcemyit.com