Windows 7 is a big improvement over previous Windows operating systems. Learning to use this version well can improve your productivity considerably.

By mastering a few simple tricks, you can get the most out of Windows 7.

  • Coping images to a CD or DVD is easy with Windows 7. Just double click the image, and choose the drive that contains your blank disk. Choose the burn option and Windows 7 takes it from there!
  • Discovering issues and repairing them is also simple with Windows 7. To do this select the “Control Panel” and select the “troubleshooting” option. This will give you usage of a number of wizards that look for and fix common OS issues. For example cleaning up adware and removing clutter.
  • What if you have younger members of the household who insist upon installing cumbersome software onto your computer? Install an excessive amount of this software, and your computer will become a sluggish mess. Fortunately, Windows 7 has the AppLocker feature. This feature permits you to run and install only programs with your pre-approval. For example, you can tell AppLocker to only run programs created by reputable companies such as Microsoft. If your kids attempt to install a program from an unknown publisher, AppLocker will prevent it.
  • One great feature for people who work remotely is its power efficiency service. It’s simple to get information about the amount of power your laptop is using, which is often important if you are working on a project and are away from a power source.