Every year we see lots of new technology emerge. This year the folks at Inc. compiled a number of the most cutting-edge technologies that we ought to keep our eye on. It’s impossible to know which technologies will have the maximum impact but here are some of the more interesting ones that the Inc. article highlighted.


The V-MODA VAMP acts as an amplifier for the iPhone 4 or 4S. It adds volume and quality to the audio that these devices can generate. One of the benefits about this is that as well as enhancing the sound the iPhone can produce, it also lengthens the battery life as it provides a back-up battery.

Alice Receptionist

Alice is a virtual receptionist that depends on sensors to detect when people get into the office. Visitors can then tap a touchscreen to get in touch with workers and they can even chat through video services using Alice. This can be a huge advantage to companies who want to cut costs by not hiring a receptionist, and it’s easy to use.

Microsoft SmartGlass

Microsoft has created what they’re calling SmartGlass. Though this product is not out yet, it has created quite a stir. With it you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a controller for your HDTV. This enables you to use your device to control games, music, and videos on your TV.

There is no telling if these technologies will have the estimated impact. But from the amount of media attention and press they have received the outlook is good.