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Is Windows10 Risking Your Privacy?  

August 23, 2017

There are some changes coming you should know about. Though Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system was received better than its predecessors (especially Windows 8), it’s still generated a fair amount of criticism—the worst? —that it lacks privacy. Issues began even before people started using the new operating system, including with thos[...]

How to Get the Most from Apple’s iCloud Storage.  

August 21, 2017

Cloud-based storage options are in high demand in today’s media-heavy world. Are you taking full advantage of all that Apple’s iCloud has to offer?   Cloud storage is one of the most exciting new developments in technology. It provides you with the ability to access files and information when, where and how you’d like. However, as with any [...]

Thinking about adding remote workers to your team?

August 16, 2017

4 Problems with Remote Working and 4 Ways to Overcome Them I love the idea of working remotely. It’s a convenient solution for a variety of personal issues, ranging from lack of transportation to reduced physical mobility. And hiring remote workers is good for business.  Studies show that remote workers are more productive, and it allows compani[...]