Going back to my previous email about the Target hack that resulted in almost 100 MILLION stolen customer ID’s, there is another trenchent lesson to be learned: sometimes, MANY TIMES, a successful data back-up is a failure. How can that be? In the case of Target, in late Nov. 2013, they paid $1.6MM to acquire and implement software to detect hackers, and malware. After installing that software, they detected a hack attack … but did nothing about it. Nonetheless, they continued to back-up their data successfully. However, when they finally realized they had been hacked, backing-up to yesterday’s data, or last week’s data wouldn’t have made a difference … the hacker “pay-load”, the malware, was still there. Target would have had to back-up OVER FOUR WEEK’S DATA to get clear of the malware.

Target Lesson #2: just backing-up data will not help defend against hackers and malware. Detecting a hacker and their malware is the critical element. If you can’t afford $1.6MM in detection software and the IT staff to install and operate it, you might consider talking to a Managed Secure IT Service Provider that CAN afford it and knows HOW to use it … and get covered.


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Stephen E. Reade
Business Technology Specialist