Target Stores, the second largest retailer in the USA, was successfully hacked in Dec. 2013, and almost 100 MILLION identities were stolen. There are several important lessons for small-to-medium-businesses. The first is … how to waste $1.6mm. A Bloomberg story on Mar. 13, 2013, reveals that Target HAD installed anti-hacking software worth $1.6mm over a month PRIOR to the reported hack. When the newly installed anti-hacking software detected a hack and Security informed their chain-of-command, it was promptly and decisively … ignored. With over a month to react and defeat the malware, but NO ONE acted and almost 100 MILLION identities were stolen.

Target Lesson #1: software that can DETECT hackers and malware is very expensive, but ignoring the alerts it generates is even MORE expensive! You need $ million dollar-plus software, a staff to install and maintain it, and believe that it will work and the alerts MEAN SOMETHING. If you can’t afford the software and the IT staff, you might consider talking to a Managed Secure IT Service Provider that CAN afford it and get covered.

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Stephen E. Reade
Business Technology Specialist