There is little that excites the entrepreneurial spirit quite as much as a new business launch.

From those early meetings full of enthusiasm and moon-shot plans to the grand opening, everything seems a blur of flurried activity. The one thing that small business entrepreneurs don’t often take into account, however, is the cost of and the need for efficient, and robust IT and IT support.

Sure, you’ve bought computers, a router, and maybe a server or two and had someone set it all up, but that’s about as far as the thought process regarding IT budget has gotten.

What you haven’t thought about is:

  • Have I got the best hardware to do the job?
  • Who is going to keep my system updated with upgrades and patches?
  • Who is going to monitor my network so that small issues are addressed before they become problems?
  • Who is going to make sure that the whole system is secure against cyber crime, upset ex-employees, and the prying eyes of competition?
  • Who’s going to be there to answer your big strategic questions and your daily IT questions?

A bit of forward thinking today can save you a TON of headaches in the days, months, and years ahead. Outsource My IT has been down the road of planning and budgeting the IT for small business launches with many others, and our specialists can point you toward IT success too!

It’s easy! All of this can be leveraged in your business. We even make the expense easy and budgetable with a monthly subscription contract.

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