Microsoft Exchange is the foremost cloud-based email server in business right now. If you use it for work, chances are you’d like to have your emails delivered to your mobile device as well as to your computer. In this guide we will walk you through setting up an Exchange email account on an Android phone or tablet. We have included pictures in the guide, but please keep in mind that menus vary from device to device, so your menus may look different from the ones provided here.

1. Open up the settings menu in your phone. The icon for this is usually an image of a cog/gear. Something like this:      droid-settingsicon-150x150

2. Under accounts, select add account


3. Select Microsoft Exchange Account


4. Now you’ll be prompted to  enter your email address and password. I’ve filled in examples below, but you’ll need to enter your full email address: [username]@[domain].com, with your password. If you’d like for this to be your primary email account,  check the box next to “Send email from this account by default.”


5.  Now you will be prompted to enter information into a few fields. For the first, Domain\username, you only need to make one change: add @[yourdomain].com to the username. So if by default the field read “\Mary” we would change it to “\” The second field, Password should remain the same. For the Exchange Server field, you’ll need to look that information up on your own. That server depends on who your email is hosted through. Contact your network administrator if you are unsure of this. Keep Use secure connection (SSL) checked, and leave Use client certificate unchecked.


6. The following menu, Account Options, deals with personal preferences. Here you can choose how often mail and other data are synced, what information gets synced, and how you are notified about them. Because these are a matter of personal preferences, this guide will not address them. Press next when you have adjusted these settings to your liking.

7. Finally, you’ll be asked to give the new account a name. This is what it will display as when you choose which account to look at. Again, this is a matter of personal preference. A common naming-convention is: [name] [email host], so, for instance, I might name an account “Robert’s Exchange Email”


Now you are all set up to send and recieve emails using a Microsoft Exchange account with your Android device! Simply open your mail application and select the account to view emails.

If you are interested in learning more about Exchange, you can read up on it here.