What is virtualization? – Why does it matter? – Will it help YOUR business?

You are a forward-thinking business leader. You’ve heard industry leaders talking about moving their entire system online, and you wondered, “Would virtualization work for MY company?”

Let’s start with the basics. What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the name that we use for taking all of your vital data, your servers, your operating systems, your applications, even your computers and hosting them in the cloud. With all of that securely stored and accessed in the cloud, all you need is an internet connection to do anything you would normally do.

The advantages to you and your business are:

  • The flexibility of mobility
  • The confidence of security
  • The cost savings of professional management
  • The scalability afforded by the cloud
  • The comfort of complete business continuity

Why does server virtualization matter to you? Simply put, when you partner with Outsource My IT to virtualize your system within the cloud – you gain efficiency, but you also have the insurance that if anything was to happen to your computers – fire, flood, theft, power surge – the worst scenario is that you will have to buy a new computer.

With virtualization you won’t lose:

  • Your work product
  • Your essential files
  • Your customer’s confidential information
  • Your proprietary or customized applications

You won’t even lose your place in that e-book that you are reading on your tablet! Switch from one device to the next with ease!

Virtualization is one of the leveraged competitive advantages that is allowing for exponential growth among businesses across industry lines.

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