You manage many projects at once, every instant of your day is booked, and you feel as if you are on the road more then you’re at home. You don’t have time for smartphone apps that waste time, and you don’t have the time to waste to search through thousands to uncover the few that will save you time. Luckily, we have found some apps for you. Below are 5 apps guaranteed to simplify your life.

Top 5 Business Apps

  1. WhosHere: If a deadline is rapidly approaching and you are needing a freelancer, WhosHere enables you to find freelancers for hire in your area quickly. You can send out a search, and text or call any of the professionals that reply.
  2. Locale: What’s more awkward then hearing your phone blaring in the middle of an essential business meeting? You won’t have to worry about this with Locale. This service allows you to select your phone settings dependant on your most common locations. For example, you can automatically set your phone to vibrate mode when you enter your office or the local cafe.
  3. WaveSecure: If you travel often for business, you run the risk of losing your smartphone in an unknown city. With WaveSecure you can remotely lock your smartphone, track its SIM card, and backup data stored on your phone until you find the device again.
  4. Bump: If you are in sales you have to collect contact information quickly. With Bump all you have to do is touch two phones together to exchange information, no more post-tradeshow data entry.
  5. Scan2PDF Mobile: This app lets you scan reports, receipts, or other documents on the go using your smartphone’s camera. Then you’re able to turn them into color PDFs and email them to your computer’s desktop.