According to the Office of Civil Rights, fewer than 30% of all healthcare providers are! Take this 5 minute test and find out

  • Question #1: Do you have the last six years of risk assessments available in electronic format?
  • Question #2: Do you have all your BAAs (Business Associate Agreements) available and in digital format?
  • Question #3: Do you have all your BA (Business Associate) compliance assessments for the last six years available and in digital format?
  • Question #4: Have you appointed a Compliance Officer who is responsible for overseeing HIPAA compliance?
  • Question #5: If audited, how many time extensions can you request – for good cause – prior to complying with the OCR’s audit request?

Answers: If you said, “No” to any question (or more than zero to #5), you are not compliant. Worse, you may have a “willful neglect” violation with fines starting at $50,000. We work with healthcare companies to help them get & stay HIPAA compliant.

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We are not lawyers; we are not offering legal advice. If you have questions on your level of compliance, contact your attorney. This questionnaire is based on openly published material, and the opinions of qualified professionals.