US Government orders removal of Kaspersky Anti-virus from all Federal computers. Should private enterprises do the same?

Responding to the US Government’s order to remove Kaspersky Lab anti-virus software (Kaspersky Lab North America , 500 Unicorn Park Drive , Woburn, Massachusetts 01801) from all Federal computers, Mr. Christian Wigley, CEO of Outsource My IT, LLC, commented:

“Although the US Government has concerns over possible Russian influence on Kaspersky Labs, based on our findings, we do not believe there is any threat to private enterprises either for-profit or non-profit.”

However, should any organization using Kaspersky Anti-virus software want to remove or replace it, as a public service, we will remove it and install a comparable anti-virus software of their choosing for the cost of the replacement software alone. We will install it free-of-charge.”

Any company that would like to replace their Kaspersky Labs anti-virus should contact OutsourceMyIT directly at (973) 638-2722 or