Keeping Your New Jersey Pharmacy Secure with Managed IT Services & Support

Exploring why managed IT services is just what the doctor ordered for New Jersey pharmacies

IT Services for New Jersey Pharmacies (Questions/Answers)

More than ever, pharmacies are reliant on technology to better collect, store, manage, access and secure a steady stream of confidential patient data. Without IT security measures in place, pharmacy teams risk breach of data, negative audits, damage to reputation, and loss of customers.

The fact of the matter is, the right IT services can make all the difference for busy pharmacies – in terms of security and productivity. With strategic IT solutions in place, pharmacists and their support staff can better serve patients, in a more confidential and secure environment. By partnering with the right IT professional, pharmacies can boost their productivity, increase time and cost-efficiency, and tighten security.

However, from our experience working with New Jersey pharmacies, we get the impression that many busy pharmacy teams don’t know exactly what they should be asking for when it comes to strategic IT services and support. IT services for New Jersey pharmacists must go beyond basic security and productivity improvements. A truly strategic IT provider for pharmacies will have a plan to optimize the entire network and improve overall operations.

So, we’ve decided to create a question-and-answer series, designed specifically to help New Jersey pharmacy professionals make an informed IT services investment. Read on to learn all the ways in which the New Jersey IT provider you choose should be optimizing your pharmacy operations.

Strategic IT Services for New Jersey Pharmacies: Everything You Should Be Considering

As mentioned, we know just how important it is for pharmacy professionals to have a solid IT foundation and strategy to operate from. Busy pharmacists and their teams don’t have time to waste dealing with tech troubleshooting and sub-par efficiency.

That’s why we’ve created this simple guide that will help New Jersey pharmacists seek out IT services that go above and beyond break-fix support. New Jersey pharmacists deserve an IT provider who will be willing to analyze their operational structure, learn their unique needs, and work to implement customized and effective IT solutions at all end-points.

Here are some of the key questions you should be considering when looking for pharmacy IT services in New Jersey:

  1. Will your provider have a constant eye on your network?

One of the most important parts of IT services for pharmacy professionals is network security. A huge component of network security is consistent and reliable network monitoring. Pharmacists and their support teams can’t be worried about continually monitoring their network systems – they need to stay focused on meeting patient needs, like filling prescriptions and being available for consultation.

That’s why, a strategic IT provider for New Jersey pharmacies will offer dynamic, comprehensive, and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of network systems. This will allow your IT provider to consistently stay one step ahead of problems and proactively solve them before they result in downtime for busy pharmacies. With a constant eye on your network, problems will be easily identified and resolved – before you even knew there was an issue.

  1. Does your provider have a dynamic plan for network & email security?

Continuing the theme of network security, it’s critical to consider all the different ways that your network could be penetrated and invaded by malicious actors. The reality is, email applications are the gateway to the rest of your network and data. So, maintaining tight email security protocols is critical to ensuring your pharmacy’s data is kept secure.

This means, you should be looking for a New Jersey IT provider that is committed to implementing a variety of email and network security tools to keep your data secure. This includes state-of-the-art anti-virus software, firewall solutions, web and email filtering tools, and well thought-out security protocols and best practices that are easily accessible to you and your team.

  1. How will your provider help you prepare for the worst-case scenario?

Now, despite the amount of effort and planning that goes into your pharmacy’s cybersecurity plan, the reality is, today’s cybersecurity climate is hostile and more dangerous than ever before. Unfortunately, hacks and cyber-attacks happen – to organizations and entities in all industries. That’s why, no matter how secure you may think your network is, preparing for the worst-case scenario is an absolute necessity for pharmacy professionals.

The right IT provider for New Jersey pharmacies will be committed to creating a detailed plan for recovering from disaster and protecting continuity. This will include the implementation of dynamic and redundant backup solutions and a detailed plan for disaster recovery. This proactive and strategic planning and implementation will ensure that your team never has to worry about losing important records or system applications – even if disaster strikes.

  1. Is your provider committed to creating a customized and comprehensive IT strategy?

Finally, while security is of utmost importance for pharmacies, it’s critical that you develop an IT plan that goes beyond just security considerations. You and your team are busy and you should be able to rely on strategic IT solutions to drive efficiency and optimize your operational approach. This means everything from optimizing your phone and fax systems to finding the hidden features in your software that will make your life easier.

The right IT provider for New Jersey pharmacies will be committed to providing a solid and full-coverage IT foundation so that you can consolidate and optimize all resources you require into one, easy-to-navigate system. Simply put, the right IT provider will ensure that every part of your operations that is dependent on technology is centralized and made simple.

This means all your bases are considered and covered, including:

  • Medication and prescription records
  • Inventory and distribution
  • Administrative and accounting applications and records
  • Software and hardware updates and optimization
  • Streamlined communication with team members, healthcare providers, and patients

Prioritizing Strategic IT: Why Your Pharmacy Shouldn’t Put Off an Investment in IT Services

The fact of the matter is, in today’s increasingly virtual healthcare environment, pharmacists can’t afford to put off an investment in strategic and reliable New Jersey IT services. Without a proactive and deliberate effort to secure and optimize your technology resources, you’re leaving your pharmacy vulnerable to security threats and you’ll be falling behind the pack in terms of optimized efficiency.

The best way to start your search for strategic IT services in New Jersey is to do your research. First things first, use this guide to better understand your needs. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, check out local providers. Ask around to industry colleagues and see what IT solutions they’re implementing.

Best practice, though, is to reach out to the leading providers for some one-on-one consultation. By chatting with a professional IT consultant directly, you’ll be going a long way toward explaining your needs and having a reliable IT strategy drafted and implemented. The right provider will be willing to listen to your needs and customize their services to meet them – don’t settle for anything less.


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