Keeping tabs on your business’ projects in conjunction with multiple team members all over the nation can be challenging. How can a small business keep track of this, make requests from those working offsite, share up-to-date information, and documentation as well as assign new tasks?

Project management solutions

Fortuitously, numerous companies offer top-notch project management tools for small business owners. By using these tools, you can keep your numerous projects on track and avoid costly missed deadlines. Here is a glance at some of the best project management tools currently available:


This well-known project management tool has gained popularity as it is just one tool that enables businesses to manage projects, assign duties, communicate with employees, and more. It’s truly a one-stop shop! It even allows clients to observe and comment on their project. In addition to schedule meetings and calendar events, which ensures you keep everyone involved on the same page.


Inuit business software creators have developed a project management tool called Quickbase.  This tool has several of the same features of Basecamp while being able to facilitate both large and small companies all with a clean and simple user interface.


Huddle provides more opportunities for those businesses searching for a more creative tool.  It is renowned for its live-conferencing feature.  Huddle assists in keeping your creative team connected at the click of a button.


Deskaway permits you to keep clients and employees up to date by using snapshots of a project’s progression. It has the functionality to create and post blogs determined by individual projects as well as keep in touch about important updates easily.

Project management tools are consistently getting updates and new options are becoming available.  Each of these project management tools can give you ways to strengthen your business’ ability to maintain organization and create a great experience for your clients. Keep your eye out for the tool that will best suit your business’ needs.