Municipalities across the nation are all struggling with the same thing…

That is, “How can we leverage technology to deliver services and engage citizens and still ensure the safety and integrity of municipality operations?”

In today’s cyber-economy you cannot deliver services effectively if you cannot ensure safety. That’s why municipalities across the region are turning to Outsource My IT to secure their systems against viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Ransomware is the newest and most cancerous threat ever to face the computing world. Ransomware will encrypt all of your files and leave your municipality crippled.

By partnering with Outsource My IT for your IT management needs you enable your municipality administration and extended staff to:

  • Work free of the big cyber-security concerns
  • Work more effectively through IT efficiencies
  • Work smarter – because their IT questions are answered

With your current IT support can your employees:

  • Share files safely and confidentially in a business-class file sharing environment?
  • Collaborate as efficiently away from the office as they can in the office?
  • Use their own devices for business with the same high level of security as is on your network?
  • Get more done because of seamless, new productivity IT?

Why pay for computer “fix it” guys that only make money while your IT is broken? This only incentivizes them to allow downtime and results in BIG unexpected bills.

Outsource My IT believes in monitoring and managing IT systems proactively – addressing concerns BEFORE they become issues that cause downtime.

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