The Outsource My IT mobile device management team knows how to keep you safe when you are away from the office.

As a part of our Managed Services – a holistic IT management offering – Outsource My IT has instituted protocols to care for the stability and security of mobile devices used for work.

Whether your business allows people to bring and conduct business on their smartphones and tablets or supplies devices to your employees for work purposes, it is essential that those devices be included in an overall IT security strategy for the business and professionally managed as such.

What is included in our mobile device management?

  • Remote wipe on smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Encryption of mobile devices
  • Password and biometric access management
  • Automatic backup of all information

Why is mobile device security important? With today’s cloud technology, nearly everything is perfectly synchronized. That means that the accounts that you and your staff use on your desktop at work are linked and synchronized across your mobile devices. In short, it is likely that everything that is in your office is accessible through your smartphone or tablet.

When it comes to legislative compliance such as HIPAA, mobile device management and security becomes more critical. Any medical facility – and soon the business associates of medical facilities – could face a HUGE HIPAA fine if an unencrypted mobile device used for work was lost or stolen.

In addition to security, the feature of backing up mobile devices is attractive – given the number of devices that are damaged or lost.

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