If you run a business in today’s day and age you are aware of how vital email is for communication. In fact, many businesses rely on email. That being said, it’s important that a business uses the best possible email technology.

I already have an email provider. Why should I fix something that’s not broken?

  • If you use email for your business but do not use Exchange, chances are you use POP technology. This was the standard for business emails for a long time. POP keeps a copy of each email on each device you access the email from.  That means if you use email on your phone and a computer, a copy of each individual email resides on both your phone and computer. If you delete a message from your phone, it won’t be deleted on your computer and vice-versa. Email organization is a pain with POP. Not only that, but using POP takes up a large amount of your computer’s storage, as the email files are stored on your computer itself.

Okay, POP isn’t the best solution, but what makes Exchange superior?

  • There are a few reasons why many businesses have chosen Exchange over POP. Instead of keeping emails on the devices you read them on, Exchange stores them in the cloud, on Microsoft’s Exchange servers. So instead of each email getting downloaded to each device, the emails are stored in one place, always accessible from your phone, from Outlook, and from the web. If you delete an email from your computer, it is deleted from your phone immediately. Exchange provides a consistent email experience that keeps your computer’s storage free for other files. If you’ve got email folders set up on your computer, they’ll be right there on your phone. Even your calendar gets synced with Exchange, so all of your devices will have the most up-to-date version of your calendar appointments.

On top of that, Exchange is a breeze to configure. Instead of entering complicated server settings to configure an email account, Exchange allows us to enter only the email address and password to set up an account using Autodiscover Technology. So if there is a new user in the office, or someone is moving to a new computer there is no hassle in setting up the email accounts. Addtionally, it saves you the trouble of moving over every email from the old to new computer; all of the emails are right there on the Exchange server.

How can I get set up with Exchange if I choose to use it?

  • OutsourceMyIT specializes in email hosting, and we have a slew of clients happily using Exchange for their email. They prefer it for its consistency, reliability, speed, and ease-of-use. We can handle everything that involves Exchange: phone setups, Outlook setups, instructions on using it, and pricing. If you are interested in switching your business over to Exchange email, you can read more on our email information page.