It is difficult to start a business. That is why most start-ups fail in the initial few years. But you can make things easier on yourself, at least where managing your employees is concerned. There are numerous apps available that small business owners can leverage to scale back the time spent on managing employees and generally increase productivity. Here is a look at three key apps for managing your small business’s employees.

Labor Time Tracker

Physically punching a time clock in and out of work is very old fashioned. But with Labor Time Tracker you employees do this virtually. It only costs $4.95 a month per employee and allows you to easily see who is out and who is working as well as track overtime and pay.


Trello is an app for organization that is created to keep business owners on task, but it also allows business owners to add employees to to-do lists. It keeps everyone on the same page as everyone in the company can see the duties and deadlines. You can also send employees messages associated with the tasks within Trello.


TribeHR ranks one of the better human-resources apps available. Even more importantly, it’s inexpensive – just $2 a month for each user. The app allows business owners to monitor employee time off, schedule performance evaluations, regulate recruiting efforts, and update employee profiles. To put it briefly, it does just about everything you’d expect a full-fledged human-resources department to do at a small fraction of the cost.

If you’re wanting to build a small business in today’s difficult economy, you need all the help you can get. Check out the people-management apps available today. You might be astonished at how powerful they are.