You’ve seen your law firm progress from a one man show to what it is today.

So why hasn’t your IT support solution followed suit? Once a law firm moves past 10 computer users, it’s time to ditch the local “you break it – we fix it” computer guys and retain professional, proactive IT management to care for your technology.


  • Scrutiny of firms your size is higher.
  • You are dealing with higher-profile cases and clients than you used to service.
  • If you deal with ANY medical information, HIPAA regulations / IT legislative compliance comes into play.
  • You have more to lose now.
  • Your size – not small enough to waste time on, but not big enough to have already set up robust, managed IT systems – puts you in a hacker’s crosshairs.

What about your emails internally, to clients, and to other contacts? Are they encrypted? Could someone with evil intent access your email information when it is either in transit or at rest?

Simple, consumer-grade email solutions are not secure enough to protect your clients and to protect you from liability!

If you either have no IT management or have an IT management with a company that isn’t serving your law firm well, it’s time for you to move up a level to Outsource My IT

  • Budgetable monthly fee = full-menu IT care
  • Complete monitoring and management
  • Executive level advice for the BIG decisions
  • Help Desk service for the day-to-day questions
  • Top-tier cyber security solutions
  • Friendly people

You’ve grown! Great! Now you need professional IT services from Outsource My IT. Call us or email us today. (973) 638-2722 or