Your smartphone is incredible. It can guide you to that trendy new fusion restaurant if you are lost. It can play your favorite sitcom as you go to work on the train. It will play your favorite song at the touch of a button. However it can’t do any of this if its battery is dead.

A Better Battery on the Way?

Engineers at Chicago’s Northwestern University have been working on advancements in battery technology and may have discovered a way to make batteries charge in minutes and last considerably longer.

What they are concentrating on is a new lithium-ion battery that has more then 10 times the life of present batteries. Moreover, after a year of operation, which the researchers estimate to be about 150 charges, these new lithium-ion batteries would remain 5 times more efficient then today’s lithium-ion batteries.

A Charged Battery for a Week

Ultimately, this new cell phone battery could stay charged for a full week, despite all the apps we use daily. And the charging time? Under 15 minutes. Which will sure make our lives easier, but more than this, this new battery technology could lead to smaller and more efficient batteries for electric cars.  This could consequently, have a dramatic impact on our reliance on fossil fuels.

Batteries Powering Technological Change

While this new battery technology may have a massive impact on many aspects of our life, it will not be offered to the general public for three to five years, says Northwestern researchers. Batteries are often over looked when we think of advanced technologies, but the more we depend upon mobile devices the more important they become.  Improvements in battery technology may in reality hold the key to an even greater technological revolution.