At Outsource My IT we strive to keep your networks running efficiently with security as a foremost concern. We want to provide a cautionary warning to all of our clients about a new dangerous piece of Ransomeware called CryptoLocker. If you are unfamiliar with this virus, it infects the targeted computer and every file will become inaccessible due to an encryption. The encryption is highly complex and has been unable to be deciphered.

The Ransomware will then demand a ransom of $300 to be delivered electronically to the creators of the virus within a short period of the infection (usually 100 hours). After that time the price increases to a value of over $3000. The virus is being spread through emails from UPS or FedEx. The email will state that there is a delivery pending and will ask you to download an attachment with a PDF file. Once the PDF file is opened the virus installs itself on the computer. Below I have provided multiple links with more detailed information about this virus.

Ways to prevent becoming infected:

  1. Never open an email or attachment form someone you do not know
  2. If you receive an email from Fedex, UPS or DHL and it has an attachment delete it immediately without opening it.
  3. Be very cautious of any email with a .zip or .pdf


Please keep in mind that even PC’s with up to date Antivirus can contract this virus and it can also spread through Mapped Drives to the server.

Please be forewarned that if you contract this virus, you will have to pay the $300.00 ransom to unencrypt your files.

Please forward this email to all computer users in your office and be cautious with any emails that are unfamiliar or unexpected.