As you may have read or heard in the news, a recent exploit in internet security, “Heartbleed” has just been discovered. The security bug allows for third parties to access private information such as passwords, internet cookies, and private server keys. While the Heartbleed exploit does not affect every website on the internet, it is estimated to have affected 500,000 secure web servers—around 17% of the internet’s secure servers.

To make sure that your accounts on the web are not compromised we strongly recommend that you change your password on all websites you use. Ensure that you do this by changing it on the website itself, not through an email prompting you to change your password; some emails of this nature are phishing scams.

If you are interested in seeing if a particular site you use was affected by Heartbleed, you can use the Heartbleed Test website to check. Simply enter the URL of the site you are wondering about, and it will give you a result.

If you have questions regarding the Heartbleed bug, feel free to reach us by emailing support@outsourcemyit.com, or by calling 973-638-2722 and we will be happy to advise you.