Let Outsource My IT help your employees make the most of their workday with a secure, simple, file-share solution!

Are you still chasing files around the office with flash drives or using insecure consumer-grade online file sharing solutions for confidential work product?

  • The Outsource My IT team wants to make your life easier!
  • The Outsource My IT team wants to secure your confidential files!

Why? It’s simple! We believe that YOUR time is valuable and that YOUR privacy is important.

Today’s efficient businesses share their files within the office and with vendors and customers through a secure file sync solution. What makes secure file sync better?

  • It is completely encrypted.
  • It is securely accessed from nearly any device, anywhere.
  • It is configured for either public access or restricted access.
  • It retains many levels of revisions.
  • It does not physically connect to your network – so it cannot be used as an access point by criminals or competition.

For those business leaders that need access to their whole system from their home or other location, we can implement a VPN (virtual private network). We use this system for a broader application than simple file sharing, but for some companies, it can still be very useful.

Quit chasing files! Make your life easier! Get the secure file sharing or secure VPN solution that your company needs to:

  • Be more efficient
  • Protect your private information

Let the secure file share experts of Outsource My IT show you how. Contact us today at (973) 638-2722 or contactus@outsourcemyit.com