Technology has changed education.

With that technology comes both huge benefits and very real dangers. As a school administrator, you have been given the daunting task of dealing with both the network for school staff and administration, but also the technologies and policies for the student’s WIFI connection.

Outsource My IT is here to help you sort out and manage this IT burden for you. After all, you have professionals teaching your children, why shouldn’t you have experts caring for the school’s IT and the student’s WIFI in order to keep both staff and students safe?

For a budgetable monthly fee, Outsource My IT IT professionals will:

  • Take care of all of the updates, upgrades, patches, and licensing
  • Deal with your IT vendors so you only need to make one LOCAL call when you need help
  • Secure your network against cyber-crime and hacking
  • Put protective filters and protocols in place to safeguard your student’s WIFI access

The Outsource My IT team believes in the importance of education. We know that every minute of classroom time is precious and that IT breakdowns hinder the educational process. Because your school has a heavy reliance on the internet and technology-based teaching aids, we will:

  • Answer your technology questions quickly
  • Give you the option of moving toward a paperless office
  • Enable you to share files securely among office staff, teachers, students, and parents
  • Fix your WIFI so that you don’t have connection frustrations and dead spots in the facility
  • Protect your students with best-practice policies and filtered internet

We know you care about your students. We want to help. Contact us today at (973) 638-2722 or