While cameras, alarms and conventional locks might be enough to safeguard physical assets, when it comes to protecting you electronic documents and data more specialized safety measures have to be put in place.

The safety of your data is just as important to us as it is to you! At Outsource My IT we provide an assortment of data protection services for your company’s benefit.

The data protection services that we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Encryption – Any documents or information that is sent between you and your correspondents (clients, partners, customers or employees) needs to be protected. At Outsource My IT we provide encryption services to prevent any possible interception of your information by an unwanted third party.
  • Backup Protection – Data protection does not only refer to safeguarding your information from external threats, it also involves protecting your data from system failures and the like. At Outsource My IT we utilize backup servers to safeguard your vital information; so that in the event of unfortunate data loss your company can remain on its feet and not suffer any significant damage.
  • Business Data Protection – At Outsource My IT we know that any data that is vital for the functioning of your company (whether it is for client or business partners) should be more than adequately protected. We therefore give you the ability to secure the information on your servers and networks with login protocols that require verified user names and passwords.
  • Limited Downtime – No company ever wants to experience periods of downtime and if it is unavoidable downtime should be kept at a minimum. If your network suffers from stints of frequent downtime it can most likely mean that it is compromised. At Outsource My IT we guarantee that our data protection services will maximize you levels of uptime and keep your downtime at a negligible capacity.

The time to invest in inexpensive data protection in New Jersey is now! Contact us at (973) 638-2722 or email us at contactus@outsourcemyit.com to discuss data protection services that are right for you.