Asking this question is something akin to asking, “Are you sure no one entered your house while you were gone?”

How can you possibly know unless you had someone monitoring your house for suspicious activity. Just because “it doesn’t look like it”, doesn’t make it so.

It is the same with your IT systems. Unless you have a company like Outsource My IT on your side consistently monitoring the points of system entry, you have no idea who may have entered your system or what they may be currently doing there to injure your business.

For the criminal, every network is an opportunity and every business is a potential payday. Arm yourself against intruders. Partner with the New Jersey IT security professionals at Outsource My IT. Contact us today at (973) 638-2722 or

Just because you haven’t noticed any broken locks or windows doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t gotten into your house. The better the criminal, the more skill he has a covering his tracks.

Cyber-criminals are no different. Just because you haven’t noticed your computers acting up or slowing down doesn’t mean that there isn’t a worm, virus, malware, or ransomware quietly working in the background. The best data thieves will sneak into your system, control your data, webcam, and processes without you noticing that anything is wrong.

The people that want to steal your data to do you harm and make money for themselves are smart and sophisticated in their methods. Your house security company monitors your home, get Outsource My IT to monitor your business’ IT environment today.

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