What Should You Do When Your Break-Fix IT Support Bails?

Strategies for solidifying your IT support arrangement and improving business continuity

Just last week, we heard from a panicked professional with a familiar story. Their organization had long been relying on an independent ‘break/fix’ IT support guy. Their trusted expert had recently been hired on somewhere with a full-time job and could no longer offer them the support and services they required.

Believe it or not, this is a story we hear all the time. An organization loses their reliable break/fix support and then they’re lost in the dark trying to get a handle on their IT situation. It’s a very common occurrence – especially among SMBs who try to keep their IT costs as low as possible.

Listen, there’s no denying that in some circumstances, break/fix IT support can be a great and adequate solution. However, as technology continues to dominate the workforce, consistency, predictability, and continuity are becoming bigger priorities for professionals across all industries. For most professionals, that means creating more solid IT support arrangements.

Managed Service Benefits: Why Breaking Away from Break/Fix Model Could Make a Huge Difference for Your Organization

So, you have a tech emergency and you reach out to your trusted break/fix guy. You get an email back explaining your expert is out of the country on holiday. Even worse, maybe you get an email explaining that your go-to guy has got a new job and can’t help you out anymore. Regardless of the situation, he’s gone and you’re stumped on how to fix a major tech problem. The result? Downtime, lost profit, panic and a huge hit to employee morale and your bottom line.

In these situations, making the transition to a more formal support arrangement with a managed IT provider can offer some serious peace of mind. Partnering with an IT provider is like investing in an entirely outsourced IT department. You have an expert on call, no matter the time or place. The comprehensive services and support that a managed IT partner can provide are endless but there are some basic benefits to escaping the break/fix model.

Here are the top ways a managed IT partner will change your IT support game:

  1. Security & Monitoring

Gone are the days of calling your break/fix guy when you think you have a virus or hack on a company machine. The right managed service provider will have a proactive and dynamic security plan in place to ensure your network is consistently monitored and secured. Forget having to tell your IT support about the problem – a good IT partner will notify you of any abnormalities and will already be working to fix it.

  1. Continuity & Efficiency Management

Downtime becomes a thing of the past when you partner with a reliable IT provider. The right IT support team will ensure that your technology is always up and running so your team can be as efficient and productive as possible during working hours. This means uptime is increased and business continuity is always prioritized and protected.

  1. Consistent On & Off-Site Support

A truly special IT partnership will offer you round-the-clock support. You’ll be able to reach a representative from their team anytime and if you need boots on the ground, you’ll be able to get them. The whole point of a managed IT partner is to ensure you’re never lost in the dark. The right IT support partner will be there for you – by phone, by email or in person as needed.

  1. Expertise and Experience

Another great benefit of working with a managed IT support team is the wealth of experience and expertise your organization will take advantage of. Managed IT service providers have endless experience helping organizations just like yours. The right partner will share their expertise and experience with you to help enrich your support & service experience.

  1. Strategic Planning and Scalability

Finally, the most valuable benefit of partnering with a managed IT service provider is the strategic proactivity and scalability potential they offer your company. Having a trusted and reliable expert in your corner consistently will help you plan for the future and stay up-to-date with technological developments.

Comparing Managed Service to Break/Fix: Why Investing in a Partner Is a No-Brainer

When you break down all the benefits that a managed IT provider can offer, there really is no comparison to the headaches of break/fix support. No more waiting, no more overloading a single professional with your company’s tech troubleshooting. No more wondering how long you’ll have support or what you’ll do if you lose your current support.

The consistency and peace of mind that come with a managed IT partnership are truly invaluable. You can get back to focusing on mission-critical business tasks, while your reliable IT partner works behind the scenes to make sure your infrastructure is working to support operational needs.

Decisions, Decisions: How to Know You’re Partnering with the Right MSP

So, hopefully, we’ve emphasized the benefit of partnering with a managed IT partner. However, you’re probably thinking: how in the world do I know who to partner with? In the crowded and fast-paced marketplace, every provider claims to be offering the best of the best. How are you supposed to know which provider is worth investing in?

Here’s a rule of thumb: don’t believe the hype. The only way to find the right managed IT provider is to go in with an informed and proactive approach. Make sure you understand what kind of services and support you need and what you’re able to spend. Compare providers and don’t be shy to ask questions. A managed IT investment will be a central part of your business, so be sure to take your time and make an informed decision.

At the end of the day, the right provider is going to be open to working with you and determining the best course of action for meeting your IT needs. Don’t settle for anything less than a provider who takes the time to understand your needs and meet them with strategic and meaningful support.

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