First… take a deep breath. Maybe even step up from the computer and take a walk for a few minutes. We have all been there before. You just want to finish up what you are doing or search the web real quick, but your computer screen is freezing for no reason at all!

Don’t stress too much! At Outsource MY IT we run into these problems and there are some very basic things you can look at before you have to call us to fix all your IT problems.

When does your computer freeze?

  • Is this happening in a particular program?
  • Only happens when surfing the web?
  • Is it happening anytime you do anything at all?

These questions might seem silly, but figuring out where the problem is happening will tell us what needs to be done. If it is happening while surfing the web your browser could very well need an update.

If it happens with one of your programs  you can see if the vendor has an update or patch available. If not you may need to re-install that software.

If it is happening all the time, then that leads us to a few more things…

Hard Drive, Memory, Corruption, Viruses…. Oh My…

Typically when your computer is freezing all the time it can be any or all of the above.

First, check your hard drive and memory. If you only have a few gigs of hard drive space then you will want to remove programs and files you are not using. A quick way to clear out some space and run a registry scan is to use a program called Crap Cleaner . Yes that is really its name.

You will also want to take a look at your memory and see how much you have. You can look in the task manager to see how much your computer is using. Upgrading your memory is the easiest and cheapest upgrade you can get.

Corruption… Oh no! You can run a disk check on your hard drive. If it turns out you have some errors you can run a repair. If that does not work I suggest backing up your data to be safe.

Finally viruses could be the reason for all your troubles. There is a lot of garbage flying around the web today, so it would not surprise you me that you may have picked up some malware somewhere across the web.

Virus Protection

It is a necessity to have some sort of virus protection running on your computer. If you do not you WILL get a virus. Any brand name should do, but if you run windows why not run security essentials which is free from Microsoft. You will also want some sort of malware scanner. MalwareBytes is a great one as well as Trojan Remover.

If you have looked at all of the above and your computer is still locking up and freezing on you, then it might be time to look into getting a new computer or maybe even reinstalling the operating system.

There have been many times I just backed up all my data and reinstalled the operating system and the computer ran like the day I bought it.

Give them a shot and let us know how we can help. Also know that we will do a Free IT Cost Analysis for your company & a FREE network analysis

Your computer is supposed to save you time and help you run a company, not spend countless hours trying to fix it.