The cloud is more than a fad. For most businesses, it has become a necessity.

Let’s ask this question: What business doesn’t need the cloud?

The business that doesn’t need the cloud is the business that:

  • Makes local products for local buyers
  • Doesn’t care about vulnerability to financial loss due to downtime
  • Doesn’t want to sell more product
  • Doesn’t bother with social media and communications that go further than their town
  • Doesn’t want to grow

If that’s you…

No. You don’t need the cloud.

If, however, you have GOALS, DREAMS, AND AMBITIONS for your business, the cloud is a vital piece of a modern business strategy!

Experts forecast that by 2018, 70% of all servers will be virtualized in the cloud (instead of physical servers sitting in closets and server rooms of businesses). What does that mean for you? That just tells you how much information is being moved to the cloud and how much business is being done utilizing the cloud.

By partnering with the Outsource My IT team for your migration to the cloud you can benefit from:

  • Expert Advice
  • Tested Cloud Strategies
  • Cloud Budgeting Expertise

Your business needs cloud technology today because:

  • Your competition will use cloud technology against you tomorrow.
  • Your suppliers and customers are already using cloud technology.
  • Your business has a better chance of succeeding greatly with cloud technology.
  • You will have an easier work-life by deploying a cloud strategy – it’s just easier!

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