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Outsource My IT has played a significant role in developing efficient cloud computing strategies to help businesses in New Jersey reduce capital investment.

At Outsource My IT we help your business accomplish complete flexibility and agility through the implementation of unique cloud solutions. Contact us at (973) 638-2722 or email us at to access our quality cloud computing service that fits your budget.

If properly done, cloud computing offers a variety of development opportunities for businesses of various sizes by allowing them to operate more accurately and cost efficient than their competitors. Our services are designed to improve manageability and decrease the complexities of your IT infrastructure so that your business can operate at an optimal level.

Our cloud computing services can reinforce your IT infrastructure to generate optimum performance, security and development!

Rather than investing in faulty and expensive systems, you can conserve on your resources by using our services. Our cloud computing services feature a variety of elements, structured to improve business operation such as:  

  • Mobile Phone Communications: Ourcloudservices allow you to sync and access servers from different mobile devices so that your employees can gain access to information and work at any location.   
  • Microsoft Email: We combine Microsoft email services with cloud services to allow employees to easily access their email through the server. Our cloud services include a fully managed desktop for Microsoft Exchange Email while keeping your company information confidential.
  • Email Archive: We allow you to securely archive all your former emails so that you do not have to sort through them whenever you enter your account. This also allows you to meet government regulations and have quick access to past emails for future use.
  • SharePoint: We allow you to conserve on time by giving employees easy access to stored data and information on SharePoint with the ability to download or post important files in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Customer Management: With our cloud services you are rewarded with an efficient management system that you can use to keep track of all current and prospective customers.
  • Spam Filtering: We keep your email inbox clean and organized with Spam Filtering to prevent worms, malware, viruses and unwanted emails from clogging up your email space.
  • Managed Desktop Hosting: We take complete responsibility for managing your hardware, software, operating systems, security, and firewalls without burdening your revenues.
  • VoIP: OurVoIP cloud services allow you tocommunicate more conveniently with mobile devices. This enables you to make calls, receive calls, and listen to voicemails at any location at an affordable rate.
  • Desktop Backup: We ensure that all your valuable information is backed up. This gives to give you a piece of mind knowing that your information will always be available to you.
  • Managed Hosting: Our managed hosting services allow you to save time and money so that you can focus on your business’ main operations.

If you are ready to embrace the cloud era so that your business can flourish, contact us today. Our top priority is to help your business expand in spite of the current harsh economic environment.