On February 4th, I will be riding in Cycle For Survival through Memorial Sloan Kettering to raise funding for rare cancer research. The reality for many patients diagnosed with rare cancers is that there is no playbook. No sure course of action to take, no treatment protocol to follow. A reality that makes an already awful situation even more heartbreaking.

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When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia last year, we were incredibly lucky to not face that uncertainty. She’s now in remission. Seeing what a huge role research and funding played in that outcome has made me determined to contribute to this incredibly important cause however I can.

To do that, I need your help. Visit my page to learn more about Cycle For Survival and the work they do, and make a donation to Team Small But Fierce. Every dollar helps, and I would be forever grateful for any contribution you choose to make.

Thank you for helping me to make a difference in the lives of families like mine.