There are a lot of different web browsers available nowadays for people to choose from. This list consists of browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and good old Explorer. What is it that makes someone select one over another? Does your choice in browsers say something about your identity? thinks so.

Different Key Strokes for Different Folks thinks that Chrome users are more bold. They are willing to try new things, even if those things haven’t been tested.

So, how about Firefox? Blogthings thinks you are a rebel and untamed. Then there is Internet Explorer. If you utilize this browser, you’re more down-to-earth. The article says that Opera users think outside the box and are very versatile people.

Explorer Still Number One

Although a lot of people use Chrome and Firefox, Explorer still reigns as the most widely used. The site W3Counter says that Explorer holds a market share of 28.8 percent in the browser world. Second is Chrome, coming in with 26.4 percent. Firefox has 23.3 percent, and Safari 6.2 percent. Opera ranks fifth with a market share of just 2.3 percent.

Searching for the Right Browsers

People chose to use different browsers for a number of reasons and speculating what that says regarding your personality is fascinating. Ultimately though, we recommend you try a number of browsers rather then sticking to the one that came with your computer. This is the best technique to find which one fits your needs.