If you’re not satisfied with how predictable your monthly bill is for your IT services, then you need to make a change. Partner with Outsource My IT to enjoy totally transparent billing.

In the modern business world, managed services are clearly the best choice for your business when it comes to IT. Compared to the outdated “break/fix” model, managed services are far more cost-effective, covering all your IT needs for a simple and predictable monthly service fee.

Hidden Fees In Managed Services Contracts

Or at least, your monthly expense for IT should be simple and predictable. What if it isn’t?

Have you found that the bills you get from your current IT managed services provider are a little difficult to predict? Do you keep getting surprised by the extra costs that show up on what you thought would be a flat rate for all the services?

Maybe it’s a marked-up rate for on-site support during “peak services hours”. Maybe it’s a convenience fee for an aspect of the service that you thought was a default, and therefore, wouldn’t cost you anything.

Regardless of what these hidden, additional costs may be, the fact is that you shouldn’t have to be dealing with them. With Outsource My IT, you wouldn’t have to.

The Outsource My IT team is proud to provide a range of vital IT services to our many clients at a rate that they can count on – that’s transparent billing. Every time we send out a bill, our clients know exactly what to expect. Just as they know they can rely on our team to deliver the IT services they need to keep their business running, they know they can trust us to be honest and straightforward about what our services will cost them.

Our commitment to transparent billing is just one of the ways that we take our responsibility as an IT managed services provider seriously. The clients that trust us to help them need our IT expertise and range of technology services and solutions, all at a price they can afford – not to mention a price that they can count on to be consistent with what they were quoted in the first place.

Comprehensive Managed Services At A Transparent Monthly Rate

A healthy business grows and develops, and to do so it needs effective technology that is responsive and safe to use. That’s why Outsource My IT offers a complete set of managed services with a suite of trusted and vital technologies that will help your business become more efficient and optimize your support process.

This comprehensive suite of modern technology is in addition to the standard services provided to clients by Outsource My IT including:

  • Managed Security to keep your business data secure on all fronts.
  • Remote Monitoring that keeps an eye on your vital systems, identifying and eliminating issues as they occur.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery to keep your business running and your data safe no matter what type of on-site emergency occurs at your place of business.
  • Cloud Migration and Management to help your business enjoy everything the cloud has to offer.
  • Mobile Device Management to ensure you and your staff can work with the latest, most convenient mobile technology without putting your business at risk.
  • Help Desk Services to answer every question and address any issue that you may have with your IT environment.
  • IT Staff Augmentation to provide additional, expert support to your current IT team in order to better manage day-to-day IT issues, or tackle long-term IT projects.

Outsource My IT offers these unbeatable managed services features at a simple monthly rate. Without unforeseen expenses and surprise fees, your IT needs are far easier to budget for. While our services are certainly an investment, they’re a worthwhile one at that. In the long run, poor IT support will always end up costing your business more than effective IT support from a provider like Outsource My IT.

It may seem difficult to separate a great IT partner from the average provider, but for us the distinction is clear. Personable communication tried and tested technology solutions, and transparent billing are the benchmarks of a great managed services provider.

Don’t settle for a partner in IT that needs to nickel and dime you for each and every aspect of their service. You need a partner that you can rely on, not just for the quality of their services, but for the way they charge you for those services as well. A true partner in IT is one that you can trust to be honest and forthcoming – don’t settle for anything less.

To avoid hidden fees, choose to partner with the right IT provider – choose Outsource My IT. We’ll limit your financial stress and boost your profits. Call (973) 638-2722 or send an email to contactus@outsourcemyit.com to get started with our team.