These days, whenever you post an open position on the Internet, a huge selection of people respond. Many of these people are eligible candidates for the position, so you call them in for an interview. But how do you dig through them to find the truly innovative and enthusiastic people? Since the interview is in essence all you can go on, your interview questions are very important.

Make certain that your interview questions solicit the information that will help you find the individual with the characteristics you want. If you use a cookie cutter approach to the interview, you are likely to get uninspired, cookie cutter answers.

Ask the Right Questions

Start by asking the right questions. Don’t ask applicants what their job titles were at past positions. Don’t ask them what their duties were. Rather, ask them to list any innovative ideas that they came up with for their previous employers. Ask them if these ideas helped their employers earn more money, run more efficiently, or lower expenses.

One of the most popular questions to ask a candidate concerns their strengths and weaknesses. Avoid asking them to list these; most of us have predetermined answers. Instead ask them what they bring to the culture of a company, or ask them what they do to make their job more satisfying. The responses you get to these kinds of questions will assist you to gauge the actual inventiveness of the person you are interviewing.

If you truly are interested in which of your candidates are the most creative, give them a simple task to complete. It does not have to be intricate; you can ask them to write an essay detailing how they would approach their job if hired. You could ask them to write down their ideas on what their perfect workspace would look like. Ask them to come up with new names for company services or products. Essentially, ask them anything that will get their creative juices flowing.

In today’s marketplace, employers have the benefit of choosing amongst many qualified people. So to be able to pick the very best, they need to change the types of questions they ask in job interviews.