Traveling for business is not fun. We’re typically rushed, we don’t eat correctly, and we have to deal with the hassle of airports and long-term parking. It is not surprising that numerous companies opt toward videoconferencing instead of traveling. As videoconferencing technology advances, many people wonder if business traveling may become a thing of the past.

The End of Business Travel?

But is this really what business people and their employers should want? Perhaps not. Videoconferencing may never take the place of face-to-face meetings in the business world as the best ideas tend to pop up during these in-person meetings. Think about the difference between how videoconferencing and in-person meetings usually work.

When people around the world sign on to a videoconference, they typically introduce themselves quickly, if necessary, and then dive into the goal at hand. Brainstorming does not often play a large role in videoconferencing; this is partially because of the worry that the connection may fail. Also, there are many distractions within the individual’s office that can make fluid conversationdifficult.

The Benefits of Face-to-Face Time

Conversation evolves considerably more easily with in-person interactions. This is healthy, and as far as business is concerned, can be extremely advantageous. Having an impromptu brainstorming session can result in ideas that can lead the business down a path that wasn’t previously anticipated. This isn’t to say that every face-to-face meeting becomes a game-changing brainstorming session. But if a meeting degenerates into story telling, this is an chance for co-workers to strengthen their interpersonal relationships and boost moral.

Business Travel is Here to Stay

Humans are a social species. Due to this, it’s improbable that business travel will disappearaltogether. However, in today’s economy, many companies just can’t afford to send their sales people away every time the need to meet a client. For this reason, developments in videoconferencing are necessary but the benefits of in-person meetings are so great that the savvy business owner will not abandon them for videoconferencing all together.