We can all admit to spending too much time on Facebook. This is all the more evident when you have work to do. Reading that business report or putting the final touches on that important presentation seems to take a backseat to Facebook. As a matter of fact, it’s often when there’s important work to do that it feels like we want to see what Facebook friends are up to, or want to post about that vacation. This might be inevitable, but this is how you can make your Facebook experience extremely effective.

Filtering Friends

Have some Facebook friends that always clutter up your news feed? If it’s not in regards to what they’re eating that day, then it’s about all of the articles that they’ve read – or maybe even their opinion on their favorite reality show. Without de-friending this person, there’s a method that you can clear out the clutter.

There is a function in Facebook that will allow you to unsubscribe from this friends updates. You can do this from your news feed – all it takes is that you hover over that friend’s update with your cursor, click on the down arrow that appears in the upper-right hand corner of the update, and then select the option to “unsubscribe from status updates.”

Extending Messages, not Friendships

Another little known tip is that you can send messages to individuals that aren’t Facebook friends – of course, this requires that their settings allow this. To accomplish this, all you need to do is navigate to their Facebook profile page, then click the “Message” button which will be located on the upper-right corner of their page.

Also, are you aware that you are able to connect Facebook Chat to other services? It’s true. If you’re a Hotmail user, you can link your Windows Live profile to Facebook. This allows you to chat with online friends from your mail window. You can do the same with instant message services such as Yahoo messenger. Simply search Facebook for information about how you can connect your chat programs to the service.